Short Bio

My ten years of experience as fashion designer and photographer give me a lot for my current job. I have started my career as a jewellery designer after a jewellery course in my country and I continued to learn and work in different companies.

The ability to search, discover and create is my way to express myself as an artist. Educated and trained in European traditions and spirit I definitely have a special foudness for decorative thus inherent Bulgarian folklore. My work reflects complex geometric lines, shapes and floral motives. Inspiration derives from everything around me and mostly from different cultures which I want to get to know.

For me was a big honer to be a finalist in Profession Group /Bridel design/ in Dubai Jewellery Awards 2014 with collection "Kiss from the Rose" and JNA jewellery design competition 2018-2019 Hong Kong. It was a valuable recognition for my experience and devotion for jewellery design. I can say about myself "My strength is my imagination."
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